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Early English Challenges and Games

Get ready to read with our Early English Challenges
2 - 6 years

Have fun with our exciting early English challenges which boost kids’ general knowledge, vocabulary, phonics, and loads more!

Who's it for?

Perfect for 2-6 years at home, in school, out and about. Five minutes a day to increase vocabulary by over 100 words a week. Also suitable for those learning English as a second language and as support for learning.


  • Challenge your whole class; a perfect way to start and end the day!
  • Display certificates of completion!
  • Friendly competition with other classes!
  • Detailed individual reports!
  • Perfect for letters, sounds, speech and language development!

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  • Fill your time with fun and educational challenges!
  • Learning while playing!
  • Get your child ready to read!
  • Give your child a head-start!
  • See detailed reports!
  • Early English challenges your child will LOVE!

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What's included


  • Challenges in sets of 10 multiple-choice questions
  • Over 5000 questions!
  • Creates a sense of accomplishment!


  • Achieve 80% or above on a skill and receive a star rosette
  • The more questions answered, the more certificates will be awarded
  • Unlock great new avatars!


  • We provide variety to keep children engaged!
  • Free from gimmicks and distractions

Let's Get Talking

  • Lots of topics to discuss!
  • Animals, space, time, phonics, bugs, famous landmarks, dinosaurs and loads more!
  • We can add a category – just ask!

Part of the Community

From just £143 for a year for a class or only £4.99 a month for a child, you’ll see how much value you gain from being part of our family!

Did you know?

Children who know letter names and letter sounds BEFORE they go to school do better in all subject areas further on in education.

Did you know?

Researchers can accurately predict the literacy levels of 16 year olds based on their vocabulary before the age of five.

Did you know?

In 2015 a quarter of all children in the UK left primary education unable to read well.

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