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We all need help sometimes! Below you'll find answers to some of our more commonly-asked general questions. If you can't find the answer to your question below, just contact us and we'll do our best to help.

An activity plan links to a letter of the alphabet. There are then lots of ideas and activities for exploring that letter using fun and playful multi-sensory activities. Each of our activity plans take two - three weeks to deliver in an early years setting so with 26 lessons for Alphabet Babies and 26 lessons for Alphabet Juniors as well as revision lessons that’s a wealth of material to choose from! An activity plan also includes puppet templates so you can get creative with our characters, song suggestions, book recommendations with activities to explore print awareness, a fun literacy get-together session, and a letter to parents to help them support the learning at home. We are much more than just phonics. We cover alphabetic knowledge, print awareness, oral language, and phonological awareness. We’re the whole package!
That’s easy. Visit the parents or nursery shop and click on the resource you wish to purchase. Once you have clicked on everything you want to buy, go to your shopping cart, fill in your details and sign-up using your debit/credit card to authorise your payment. All of our resources are digital and you can access them under Your Account. If you would like to make a payment using bank transfer, or a different method, please contact us to discuss.
We use Stripe, a world-wide trusted and secure site to take payments. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor, and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available. Data-sensitive areas of our website use extended-validation SSL certificates to encrypt and secure all information you provide.
There are different options available to suit your budget. You can access activity ideas for as little as £2. For access to absolutely all resources for nurseries including Alphabet Babies and Alphabet Juniors activity plans and training videos it is only £500 giving you considerable savings. If you wish to purchase full access for multiple nurseries then we have even lower costs. Just request a call to discuss your requirements. Our fun literacy get-together sessions start at just £5 a session and the online quiz starts at £149 for 30 children for a year. Parent activity plans also start at just £6.
If you are a parent paying per month there is no minimum commitment. You can cancel at any time. You can also put your subscription on hold and come back to it at another time. If you opted to pay for the year, you are committed for the year but you do not have to renew at the end of the year. Nurseries and schools pay for the year and are committed for that year. There will be the option to renew at the end of the year.
Alphabet Babies is not a static resource. All of the activity plans are regularly updated, new resources are added and we keep in touch with you via regular emails. We know you are going to love having access to material which makes learning fun and gives children a head-start. Keep visiting our website to see the new material, and sign up for our monthly newsletter for hints and tips and to find out what’s new.
Absolutely! We have specially-written resources for parents, childminders and those doing homeschooling. Click on 'parents' on our home page.
Yes. Let your nursery know you would like to do that. They can sign-up and just add the cost to your individual nursery fees if they feel it would suit them.
All of the resources including the quiz questions have been written by Anne Smith and Alexis Viswanathan. Anne Smith has specialist qualifications in the early years, was a primary and nursery headteacher, and latterly was head of early years education and childcare for a local council. Alexis Viswanathan is an English teacher and former secondee to Learning and Teaching Scotland’s literacy team (now known as Education Scotland). Alexis travelled Scotland lecturing on Curriculum for Excellence and, in particular, literacy across learning. Advice was also sought from lecturers at the University of Strathclyde and University of Newcastle. Alexis and Anne have used their wealth of knowledge to link the programmes to Curriculum for Excellence for Scotland. NDNA (National Day Nurseries Association) wrote the links to EYFS for the British curriculum.
Our activity plans are based on the latest research and are progressive. Children experiencing them will be more aware of letters and sounds, they will develop a love of reading, and they will experience a broader vocabulary through reading, listening and talking. Most importantly they will have a lot of fun learning through play and multi-sensory activities. Our activity plans are not teaching children to read. They develop emergent reading and writing skills so that when children do go to school they will flourish. Our trial nurseries who have been testing all of our activity plans over a period of two years reported that council statistics showed that their children did significantly better in their primary one base-line testing than all other children from the same area.
All of our activities in our activity plans are age-appropriate and play-based. We explore each letter of the alphabet through books, puppets, games and songs and over a period of two weeks. Once children go to school they will have more formal and structured activities and will be expected to learn more letters in a smaller amount of time. Our online quiz gives children the opportunity to practice what they have learned at their own pace. Children who have experienced Alphabet Babies and Alphabet Juniors are therefore more likely to find the transition to school easier and will not be overwhelmed. The activities in school will still be fresh and exciting as they will get to explore letters and sounds in a different way.
Approximately two weeks to a month. There are numerous activities to be explored as well as fun literacy get-togethers which can be delivered in 15-30mins. There are 26 activity plans for Alphabet Babies and 26 lessons for Alphabet Juniors as well as additional revision lessons. Some nurseries prefer to link an activity plan to a topic they are exploring and do the plan for as long as the topic is running. We have included a topic plan under our resources to help with planning.
Very easy! We have written them with very clear instructions to ensure any member of staff will be able to take the lead. We have also split the programmes into different sections. For example, ‘Fun with Books’ or ‘Now I Know my ABC’. Different members of staff can take responsibility for areas they are most comfortable with if they prefer. Online training videos are also on the website which staff can watch and discuss. If you have any questions we are always there to help via email or phone.
Alphabet Babies is more than just phonics which many other programmes tend to focus on. It is a complete language, literacy and communication programme. It will complement and build upon your existing work. The online quiz helps children practice what they have learned and fits perfectly with all of the teaching in our resources.
Absolutely. We have met with speech and language development workers who feel that our material is perfect as we really focus on sounds, on listening, and on modeling.
They are perfect for the early years, and for children in the early stages of primary school who require a less structured approach. All of our instructions are in English. Most importantly, the games, songs, and drama will make learning another language fun!
We suggest from age 2 but every child is different! There are different levels. Start from level 1 and work your way up in each subject area. Support units in schools may find the quiz ideal for children struggling with learning to read as a means to support their practice.
Approximately two weeks to a month. There are numerous activities to be explored which parents can dip in and out of. There are 26 activity plans for Alphabet Babies and 26 lessons for Alphabet Juniors. We recommend parents look over both to choose the activities most suited to their child. Visiting the activities over a number of days allows for repetition and the chance for children to really get to know their letters and sounds. You can also revisit your favourite activities in the future.
We will email you once a month with 6 literacy tips. These could be links to great books, activities, videos or songs. We will also link to our literacy blogs from the past month and let you know what has been added to the website for you to access.

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